On January 12th, Ken Richhart, the deputy assistant commissioner of the OIT, announced this is department would be hiring 1,000 new IT workers during this fiscal year. This will bring their total number to 2,500 at then end of 2011. He indicated that many of these would be entry and low level workers.[1]


These younger workers are likely to contribute to the modernization IT landscape of the federal government. They have been hired in hope that through their expertise in new technology may be able to help achieve results in “unfunded IT mandates” which include “ ‘green’ IT, real-time security monitoring, IPV6, configuration improvements, open government and cyber command requirements.”[2]


These hires feed into the larger project of the government IT organizations moving away from outdated technology and “building systems” according to Richhart. They will instead focus on “managed servers” and “build[ing] applications and services instead.”[3]


If you are interested in becoming involved in this intiative you can see the job listings via USAJobs at http://jobsearch.usajobs.opm.gov/a9custom.aspx.

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